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Please email ADMIN@HANAHIGHWAYREGULATION.COM to register as a commercial partner.

Program Objectives

  1. Educate commercial tour operators, commercial kitchen owners and community stakeholders on management practices for the responsible use of natural and cultural resources.

  2. Ensure credibility that providers are managing their impact and contributing give-back to best conserve the natural and cultural resources, helping to sustain local communities.

  3. Increase visibility of sustainable operators along the Hana Highway and raising awareness among visitors.

Participant Criteria 

1. Operates as a commercial, for-profit endeavor along the Hana Highway or within scope of the Road to Hana industries. 

2. In compliance with all Federal, State, and Local regulations for all products/services, and commits to abide by all necessary permit conditions.

3. Demonstrates commitment to HHR's Road to Hana Code of Conduct. 

4. Provides accurate information to guests that can be referenced.

5. Utilizes marketing that is accurate and demonstrates responsible travel practices.

6. Contributes to conservation and community efforts annually.


Certification Process

Review of the following operating principles:

1. Industry Compliance  2. Environmental Management  3. Staffing Comprehension  4. Marketing  

Step 1: Self -Evaluation

Applicants will complete a report with framework of the four points above that also references HHR Hana Pono registered commercial partner criteria checklist found on the operators page. This should be an overall description of the company and principles of the operation in autobiography form. Please include as attachments to further support your claims; reports, letters of recommendation, photos, other industry certifications or accomplishments. 

Step 2: HHR Evaluation

An HHR Evaluator will contact the Applicant to review the checklist and schedule an in-person evaluation. The Evaluator then participates in the activity, or observes any pertaining component of the operation to verify the criteria checklist, and rates the applicant on the various operating principles.

Step 3: HCA Review & Certification

The HHR Evaluator will submit their findings and all supporting documentation to HCA board for final approval. HHR will then contact the Applicant regarding their certification award status. For those that do not attain certification, a report detailing key metrics that were not satisfied will be returned to the  operator and they are offered the opportunity to be reevaluated within six months.

Certification Awards

  1. Annual, personalized staff training; Road to Hana Code of Conduct Presentation, Q&A

  2. Visitor Industry and Community advocacy, including but not limited to;

    Hana Pono registered commercial partners list ‘page’ at HanaHighwayRegulation.com

    Hana Pono registered commercial partners list published bi-annually via Hana Side News.

    Hana Pono registered commercial partners list published reference card, distributed direct to concierge, activity agencies and desks. [200 per month]

    Hana Pono registered commercial partners list; verbal reference, via applicable community meetings, special event presentations, concierge and visitor industry training seminars.

  3. (1) Hana Pono seal vinyl decal per registered company equipment piece determined by PUC vehicle inventory or general equipment use decal request form.

  4. Digital badge including .pdf and .jpg of HANA PONO seal for website and media promotion, perimeters in detail within the Hana Pono RCP Certification Agreement, per seal usage policy.


HHR’s certification is not intended to say that every tour operator is 100% sustainable. What we are doing is helping to identify tour operators that are going above and beyond to try and reduce the impacts of tourism on the natural environment; improve the community in which they work; and share a sense of place with visitors. We look at the company as a whole, particularly their management practices, to see that they have a commitment to continually improving how they operate.