Hana Highway Regulation is an initiative by the Hana Community Association with intent to enhance the safety and efficiency of the Road to Hana. 


I. Publish a "Road to Hana Code of Conduct" and promote awareness through education and creative outreach.

II. Manage a Registered Commercial Partners program and offer a certification opportunity. 

III. Implement a visitor safety system to enhance the safety and efficiency of the Hana Highway. 

  1. Educational Brochure / Map

  2. Safety Briefing Video

  3. Community Outreach


Hana Highway along the Eastern edge of Maui has become internationally renowned for the access it provides to this scenic and wondrous place. In recognition of this, President Bill Clinton designated Hana Highway as Hana Millenium Legacy Trail in 2000 and in 2001 listed on the National Register of Historical Places. 

Not coincidentally, the drama evidenced by the landscape also creates the greatest challenges for maintaining a reliable roadway. This coast is best characterized by the Ko’olau Mountains and Haleakala Volcano, Hana Highway clings to the side of steep slopes, traverses broad coastal terraces and spans deep valleys leading to the sea.

Prone to landsliding, Hana Highway undergoes continual repairs. With virtually no detours available, the highway is also a lifeline to communities and businesses. Increased pressures to maintain reliable access has prompted this initiative. The Hana Highway Regulation has published a Road to Hana Code of Conduct and committed to visitor and resident awareness efforts. Resident volunteers actively survey the highway to support development of a visitor safety system. The Hana Highway Regulation focuses on the North to South route and areas of Kahului to Kanaio.

CONTACT    hanahighwayregulation@gmail.com