Road to Hana Code of Conduct

·         1. Do thorough research on The Road to Hana.

·         2. Check East Maui weather reports before heading out to clarify driving conditions. 

·         3. Driving the Road to Hana is highly discouraged on occasion of heavy rains and high winds.

·         4. Thoroughly check engine fluids, vehicle condition and fill your gas tank before embarking on the long trip.

·         5. Take caution and plan accordingly for areas of rural landscape, limited accommodations and amenities. 

·         6. Map a general route of your intended journey and note the according mile markers or township names for sights of interest. 

·         7. Before entering East Maui, dust and decontaminate footwear, hiking gear and vehicle to deter invasive species.

·         8. Drive with full awareness and use defense around corners and turns. 

·         9. Focus on the road and the forward approaching areas of the road ahead of you.

·         10. Drive the speed limit and do your best to keep with the general flow of traffic.

·         11. A build-up of cars behind you indicates the need to pull over. 

·         12. Pull your vehicle to the side at space appropriate areas to let faster moving commuters by.

·         13. Give caution to the foundation of and vehicle spacing in proximity to all roadsides, many areas lack guardrails. 

·         14. Absolutely no stopping or stalling on bridges or along areas prone to rock fall and landslides.

·         15. Recommend taking breaks from traffic at the various state parks and county rest facilities. 

·         16. Attentive and careful footing along all road sides, mountain sides and pathways.

·         17. Unforeseen cliff sides are hidden, camouflaged by vegetation and jungle overgrowth.

·         18. Give attentive caution to all road sides, mountain sides and pathways when walking and driving. 


Kanaha Bird Sanctuary Kahului, Hookipa Beach Lookout, Waiakamoi Forest Trail, Kaumahina State Park, Keanae Arboretum, Keanae Peninsula Point, Wailua Wayside and Wailua Valley Lookout, Puaakaa State Park, Waianapanapa State Park, Hana Bay, Hana Ball Park, Kipahulu National Park Ohe'o Pools, Keokea Park, Rice Memorial Park.


Including but not limited to.. Kuau Store, Jaws Country Store, Twin Falls Fruit Stand, Huelo Lookout, Halfway to Hana Fruit Stand, Coconut Glen's Vegan Ice Cream, Hana Farms, Hana Chocolate Farm, Kahanu Gardens, Hana Tropical Flower Farm, Hana Fresh Market, Barefoot Cafe, Preserve Dining Room at Travaasa Hana Hotel, Hana Ranch Restaurant, Hasegawa General Store,

research Road to Hana for more options..

·         21. Seek property owner permission for any sights on private property.

·         22. If no welcoming signage is visible, consider the area private property and do not intrude. 

·         23. Do not remove or displace soil, rocks or sand from beaches, mountain or roadsides.

·         24. Do not extract natural resources or imagery content for commercial value. 

·         25. Contain all rubbish and waste brought with you, do not leave anything behind.

·         26. Utilize “reef-safe” sunscreen / bug repellent, products free of oxybenzone to avoid stream and ocean contamination.

·         27. Before exiting East Maui, dust and decontaminate hiking gear, boots, footwear and vehicle to deter invasive species. 

·         28. Commercial operators are expected to maintain all industry specific legalities to conduct such business activity.

·         29. Strong recommendation for visitors to embark by guided tour.